Velvet Quarter Horse Ranch has left no stone unturned in the development of the horse facilities on the ranch.  The owners have replaced most of the existing fences with state of the art 4 rail high PVC Platinum Fences with electrics to ensure the greatest safety for the horses.

The 12 stall horse barn features 10 large stables and 2 extra large stables for the mares and foals or the stallions on the off season.  At the end of the stable complex, there is a large undercover round yard to lunge or ride the horses and this also is used in the breeding season for the mares to foal in if the weather turns cold.

A large feed room houses the day to day feeds for all of the horses as well as an industrial washing machine for the horse rugs. There is a dedicated rug room with 3 fold out rug racks and helps to keep the rugs aired out instead of being folded and stored.

A five horse outside wash bay with hot and cold water is outside the stables and there will be soon added a double inside wash bay area which will have banks of heat lamps to help dry the horses.

Below the stables, a huge outside jumping arena was established by former owners which was used to base the 2000 Sydney Australian Show Jumping team during this event.

A 30 x 52 metre outside arena is being established to use for the training of the cutting horses on the ranch and for general riding as well.   A full set of cattle yards are in place to handle the cattle and the bison owned by the ranch and these connect directly to the large outdoor arena.

A 45 x 25 metre indoor arena has been ordered and will be constructed early in 2021.

Numerous trails and roads make riding the ranch horses outside a joy to do, tails around the rain forest and the 7 dams on the ranch keep the horses fresh and legged up year around.

There are also 3 large sheds on the ranch which houses the trailers and equipment used year around on the ranch.